Temporary information

When Elog.io is turned on, it searches the web pages you're viewing for images and queries the Elog.io servers for information about those images. The information it sends to the Elog.io servers consists of the image URLs and (if you click "Query Elog.io", a calculated hash value representing the image). Your connection to Elog.io is sent through a load balancer that removes the originating IP address. This means that from the Elog.io server's side, it will only see a sequence of URLs and hash values, without knowing the relationship between them or the origin of each.

The Elog.io extensions don't send any other identifying information to the servers, and no information is stored in the Elog.io database about your request after it has been processed.

Elog.io is explicitly deactivated when you're browsing in a private or incognito sesssion.

Stored information

If you submit feedback through the Elog.io extension, or report information, we will store the information you provided for our own handling. We will store this information for as long as we need it to act on your report or feedback.

Our servers are hosted in London, United Kingdom.

Catalog information

The Elog.io catalog contain information about openly licensed photographs published through Wikimedia Commons. If you have included or contributed to photographs on Wikimedia Commons, your information is also included in Elog.io.


Should you have any questions or concerns in relation to our handling of your information, or the information of any 3rd party, we encourage you to reach out to us through any of the contact methods we have available.