What is Elog.io?

Elog.io is a browser extension that sit in your browser and gives you an opportunity to explore the photos that you encounter while browsing. For any of the photographs that are part of the Elog.io catalog, it can tell you information about the author of the photo, where it's from, and what permissions are associated with the photo.

The catalog that powers Elog.io contain information about 22 million photographs, many of which are in the public domain or openly licensed, which means that they are among the photos that are most frequently re-used across the web. For these photographs, Elog.io also gives the option of copying the photograph, including attribution and license information, with a simple copy and paste.

Aside from finding information about photographs, Elog.io offer ways to connect to the photographer by giving a source link to the original photograph. Elog.io is built to scale. Coming features include ways for the owner of a photograph to see where others using Elog.io has found their photograph on the web, as well as more ways to include other types of media in Elog.io, music & video especially.

Who runs Elog.io?

Elog.io was founded by Jonas Öberg and is currently supported by Commons Machinery and Shuttleworth Foundation.

Jonas is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow where he works on enabling persistent links between digital work and their creators. Prior to his work with the Shuttleworth Foundation, he was the Regional Coordinator for Creative Commons in Europe, a region stretching from Kazkhstan to Iceland. He has worked as a lecturer in Software Engineering at the University of Gothenburg and co-founded the Free Software Foundation Europe where he also served as vice president for seven years.

Why Elog.io?

There are two reasons why Elog.io exists. When Jonas was working with Creative Commons, he saw first hand the problems people have attributing photographs they use from the web. Even if they use Creative Commons licensed photographs, which permit re-use, it's difficult to do accurate attribution, and sometimes difficult to even find enough information so that you can attribute. Elog.io works to overcome this by offering information relevant to create accurate attributions, and by offering a way to automatically attribute images you copy.

The second reason Elog.io exists is because it's simply the right thing to have. Regardless of how a photograph is licensed, giving an accurate attribution help people viewing that photograph to understand it in its context. By following a link back to the source, they understand where the photograph come from, and can find out more about the photographer. This makes photographs online more valuable, it gives them meaning, and it contributes to building a reputation for the photographer.

Elog.io in the news

Here are some articles about Elog.io that we like. The last one is from Libre Graphics World and shows the thoughts behind Elog.io anno 2013.

Voices about Elog.io

When we started working with Jonas, we thought it was just about automating the process of attribution, but we learned that there's more at stake here: knowing where a photograph comes and who took it is crucial to understand it. I'd never go to a museum or gallery that had no information about their exhibits! And I hope that I'll one day have that information when i browse the web too. - Helen Turvey, CEO of Shuttleworth Foundation.

Elog.io has a lot of promise to make the world a better place for photographers and other visual artists. - Jonathan Bailey, Plagiarism Today.

Safe Creative, as a copyright registry committed to help authors' provenance of their works through technology, Elog.io is a natural ally and one of the most promising bets we have been aware of in years and really hope it will help connect creators with fans and users of contents, opening new interaction possibilities. - Mario Pena, Safe Creative

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More Information & Contact

There is some additional information in the Elog.io FAQ, with answers to questions we receive often.

To get in touch with someone from Elog.io, please write directly to: Jonas Öberg <jonas@elog.io>