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NOTE: Elog.io was launched as an experiment in December 2014. There is currently no active development, and while you're free to poke around to look and to make use of any of the technology to build your own, we don't recommend relying on the Elog.io service for accurate information. Some information is outdated, and the service may not be available all the time.

What about this photo?

Elog.io makes it easy to search for information about photographs you see while browsing. Authors, titles and licensing information is available for any photograph part of the Elog.io catalog (currently 22 million images from Wikimedia Commons).

Copy with attribution!

For any photograph that's part of Elog.io, you can choose to copy the photo as an HTML fragment that includes the attribution. Perfect for pasting into LibreOffice, Word, Wordpress, or any other application that can manage HTML. For those that don't, we include the option to copy just the attribution string as text as well.

Open API

Elog.io provides an open API for developers to make use of. You can look up photographs through the API and make use of the metadata provided in your own applications.